Do you ever think about what is happening when you put your foot on your brake peddle when you’re coming up to a junction? Would you think about it if as normal you put your brakes on and nothing happened?

Modern braking systems seldom fail totally, but erosion of performance takes place over a period of time. You as a driver make subconscious compensation for this gradual deterioration and therefore fail to realise just how dangerous the brakes have become.

Our trained technicians can spot this deterioration and prevent your brakes becoming dangerous.

What can happen?

The danger is that because the loss of performance takes place over a significant period of time, you as the driver driver make subconscious compensation for the gradual deterioration and are not fully aware of how dangerous your braking system has become. The importance of having your car’s brakes checked and tested by one of our technicians cannot be over-emphasised.

Knowing a bit about brakes your self can help spot the dangers, but if your in any doubt, come in and see us.

How do they work?

When you press on your brake pedal, the leverage pushes a small piston inside the master cylinder, which in turn is filled with brake fluid. This action inside the cylinder pumps the brake fluid through small pipes to each wheel where brake linings are forced against either the brake disc or the brake drum.

What can go wrong?

If the lining material wears excessively, it’s not only dangerous but inevitably other components will become damaged meaning costly replacements. Fluid leaks are the second most common fault and can result in total brake failure.

If you don’t get your brakes regularly checked you may not be taking them for granted the next time you need to stop.

If you are in any doubt we are here to assist you.


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