There are no moving parts in an exhaust system, it’s function and location on the vehicle means it is one of the hardest worked components on the car. Effects of rust and corrosion by toxic wastes reduces the life of the exhaust and can lead to noisy and dangerous failures. A ‘blown’, noisy exhaust is illegal and can lead to a fine.

In addition, toxic fumes start to leak from a failed exhaust into the car, it can lead to headaches, sickness and drowsiness, and so possibly leading to accidents.

The key elements of an exhaust system are as follows:

Tail Pipe

This is the part that allows the exhaust gasses to exit from the system.


Sometimes you may have more than one in the exhaust system. This component is designed to absorb the sound waves created by the engine and reduse the noise to a legal and environmentally acceptable level.

Manifold Connection

This is located at the front of the system and has a special connection designed to attach directly to the manifold on the engine. As there are vibrations caused by the engine this section may contain a flexible section to avoid damage to both the exhause and engine.

Catalytic Converter (CAT)

Modern exhaust systems are designed to remove most of the harmful pollutants from the exhaust gases before they are released through the tail pipe. This is done by the Catalytic Converter, or CAT.

A specially lined box filters and converts the hot polluted exhaust gases into a much more environmentally friendly mixture. This mixture then passes along the exhaust pipe to the silencer/s before leaving through the tail pipe.

If you have any concerns or worries about your exhaust contact us or drop by and one of our fully trained technicians will provide the correct advice for you.

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